How to Make Use of the VCR To DVD-Recorder


To convert your old VHS tapes to a digital DVD video by yourself, the VCR to DVD Converters is the ideal solution. As a matter of fact, you can either utilize VCR and a digital DVD converter at the same time or go for a combination unit. Basically, the VHS tapes loaded into the VCR machine can be converted into a digital DVD by utilizing the digital DVD converter. This converter is capable of burning audio DVDs to your old VCR tapes.

Why Use A Converter?

If you wish to add transitions between video scenes to your old VHS video recordings, a good option is the VCR to DVDs. In this kind of converters, you can actually stabilize shaky home videos with the help of slow motion captures. Once you install this kind of DVD recorder to your VCR machine, you will be able to make use of slow motion cameras so that you can add transitions and other graphics to your video recordings.


For an even better experience, you can also burn audio CDs to your old VCR tapes with the help of this DVD burner. All you need to do is to insert your CD in your computer’s optical drive and follow the instructions that would show on the screen. Once you install the software for burning digital audio CDs, it is very easy to burn audio CDs to your vcr video recorder. Moreover, this DVD burner is capable of making a copy of any video you have recorded using your digital video camcorder; you can also copy any audio CDs to your vcr device.


Further Points

If you are someone who is fond of recording his or her home videos, then you can use this DVD burner to turn those homemade videos into amazing home videos. You would be able to edit the videos using your preferred graphical interface. In case you want to convert videos into a certain format such as wmv, avi or flv, then this DVD burner is capable of doing that as well. You will just need to launch the software from the software CD and you will be able to view the display window of the software. If you want to cut video clips from your home videos, you can simply drag and drop the video clip onto the Converter icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.


Another great feature of this DVD burner is that it is capable of adding transitions, titles and other graphics to your homemade home movies. To do this, you would need to launch the software and then select “Add Transitions”. By doing this, you will be able to add transitions, titles, captions and other graphics to your disc whenever you want to.



The VCR to DVD/CD Video Recorder offers a lot of features that you should consider when deciding on what appliance to buy. Aside from all the features that this combo unit has, it also gives you access to burning both VHS and DVD formats. If you are looking for an appliance that offers versatility and is perfect for both home use and professional recording, then the VCR-DVCR is what you are looking for. This DVD/CD Video Recorder is one of the newest products in the market and has proven to be quite useful. It is very easy to operate and is ideal for both home and professional applications.