What Causes Celiac Disease?

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A natural diet is the best way to maintain your health. But sometimes, the biggest hurdle in eating your favourite food items is your digestive system.

If you face constant tummy ache, bloating, and diarrhoea after taking up a product in your diet, you are intolerant to it.

Celiac disease is a gastrointestinal disorder that is because by intolerance to a protein called gluten. This post will cover the details about the causes of illness, disease symptoms, and disease treatment.

Furthermore, it will guide you when you need to visit your physician and go for a celiac disease test.

What is the root cause of Celiac Disease?

It is a million-dollar question of what is the primary cause of this health problem. Although it appears as a disease related to diet, the fact is it is an auto-immune disease.

The immune system helps safeguard the body from pathogenic bacteria, virulent viruses, and endo-parasites. The immune system’s main job is to engulf the foreign invader and make an antibody response against it.

But sometimes, the immune system fails to differentiate between a foreign particle and a self-particle. In this case, the immune system becomes a severe threat to the body.

Gluten protein triggers the immune response to produce antibodies and leads to the production of antibodies to tackle it.

The small intestine of a human has towel fibres like lining on it called villi. Villi help to absorb nutrition. But due to this disease, the surface area of villi reduces and leads to less absorption of nutrients.

That makes auto-immune disease harmful as it leads to inflammation of the intestine. So scientists are studying the science behind gluten protein’s immune response, which leads to this gastrointestinal disease.

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Who is at Risk of Getting Celiac Disease?

Every person has to consult their physician in case of any change in diet, loss of appetite, weight loss, bloating, anaemia, vomiting, or abdominal pain. If you have any doubt, it’s better to contact the diagnostic lab and ask them to collect your sample for the celiac disease test.

Not everyone is at the edge of getting this disease. However, certain factors lead to this critical digestive illness. Some of them are as follows:


  • Diet

Gluten protein is commonly found in cereals, bread, pasta, oats, wheat, and barley. Hence, those using these items in their diet are at high risk of getting this disease.

  • Family Background

If a family has already suffered from the situation, the risk of getting the disease multiplies. That’s why doctors ask about the family’s history regarding the condition.

  • Other Medical Complications

If someone has suffered from an infection of rotavirus in his childhood, he is more prone to getting this disease. Furthermore, those who have diabetes or ulcer in their intestines are at high risk.

  • Treatment of the Disease

There is nothing to worry about as this disease is curable. However, if the doctor has diagnosed you with celiac disease, then the phase of treatment begins.

All you need is to make a slight change in your diet. But, first, avoid using products that have gluten in them. Remember always to use gluten-free items to keep your digestive system healthy and active.

Final Words

Ignoring the symptoms and neglecting the signs can lead to severe health issues. Hence it is wise to visit the doctor without wasting any moment and contact a lab for a celiac disease test. That’s the only way to get treatment and enjoy a healthy life.