What Is An ISO 27001 Consultant?


ISO 27001 certification is a powerful security measure that protects data. It also streamlines compliance for businesses.

Obtaining this certificate requires policies, procedures, and internal audits. An ISO 27001 consultant can assist in these steps to ensure that your organization is meeting compliance standards.

Information Security Management Systems

The ISMS is a set of policies, procedures and controls that help organizations protect their information assets. It’s important for businesses to have an ISO 27001-compliant ISMS because it shows consumers and stakeholders that they prioritize security.

An ISO 27001 consultant will make sure the ISMS is tailored to the organization’s needs and compliance requirements. This involves assessing the company’s current systems and drafting new policies and procedures.

It’s also critical for the ISMS to incorporate cloud monitoring. The consultant will help the company install and use tools for monitoring its cloud environment to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is a key part of many information security management processes. It typically involves automated monitoring software that provides central access and control over cloud infrastructure to allow admins to review the operational status of any cloud-based device or component.

The ability to monitor a cloud system without sacrificing performance is essential for any organization. Many tools combine reporting capabilities with data visualization so you can get the most out of your monitoring. This includes a centralized dashboard for metrics and alerts, and the ability to create relationships between resources based on tags, security groups, projects, regions, accounts, and more.

Security Policies

A functioning ISMS must include a comprehensive set of security policies. A good policy defines what needs to be protected, who is responsible for it, and how it is managed. A good information security policy also communicates intent from senior management, ideally at the C-suite or board level. Without buy-in from this level, a policy is unlikely to be adopted and enforced.

A good consultant will help you draft security policies that meet your organizational needs and comply with ISO standards. They will also help you align your security processes with policy, making sure that you’re not recycling boilerplate.

Vendor Risk Assessments

A consultant can help you set up effective reporting and vendor assessment structures. They can support your team in developing a structure that marries procurement with risk assessment and safeguards your business against hazards across the enterprise.

Vendor risk assessments are an essential component of your ISMS. These assessments allow you to identify potential risks and create a risk treatment plan that will mitigate those risks. They can also help you develop policies on third-party risk management, vulnerability assessment, and incident response.