Why You Should Invest In A Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen generators pull nitrogen from the air on demand, cutting down costs and eliminating recurring expenses. If you are looking to make a smart investment in your facility, this might be the ideal option for you.

Nitrogen generated on site will eliminate admin costs, rental fees and delivery charges associated with traditional bulk gas supplies.


Industries like chemical manufacturing or offshore drilling require a lot of nitrogen gas. Having it delivered in liquid or cylinder form can be costly and the recurring costs associated with those processes can add up quickly. Investing in an on site nitrogen generator will help to streamline your nitrogen costs and remove the recurring delivery charges, tank rental fees, re-supply ordering and contract commitments that many companies have to deal with when they are reliant on liquid or cylinder gas.

Nitrogen generators also reduce the risk of leaks that can cause expensive damage and save time that would otherwise be spent restocking nitrogen cylinders. Additionally, these systems use less energy to produce than cylinders do.

Continuous Supply

The most obvious advantage of a nitrogen generator is that it produces a continuous supply of nitrogen that is available when you need it. Breweries that rely on nitrogen cylinders must constantly stop production to change cylinders or open the cylinders to release excess pressure, which significantly limits their productivity. Nitrogen generators eliminate this hassle and allow employees to devote their time and effort to other tasks.

Nitrogen produced on-site is also more cost effective than delivery options, which often require expensive fees including rental and delivery charges. Moreover, deliveries are subject to fuel surcharges and hazmat fees.


Nitrogen generators eliminate the need for nitrogen gas cylinders, which are costly, inefficient, and can lead to production delays when the cylinder is empty or unavailable. These generators allow businesses to meet their specific needs in-house and under their control.

These systems use compressed air to produce nitrogen gas using a process known as pressure swing adsorption, where oxygen is separated from nitrogen by a molecular membrane. This separation removes oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water molecules, while producing high-purity nitrogen.

Environmentally Friendly

Many facilities rely on nitrogen cylinders to support their workflow capabilities. However, generating nitrogen on-site eliminates the need to rely on this process and all of its energy consumption as well as eliminates the cost of storing, handling and transporting high-pressure cylinders that could potentially explode or leak. You are responsible for all production and purity levels, eliminating price fluctuations caused by your supplier and reducing the carbon footprint of your facility.

Nitrogen generators also help businesses reduce their reliance on delivery trucks and all of the harmful gases they emit into the environment during transportation. Eliminating these deliveries, while initially requiring an investment in equipment, will save your facility time, money and help the environment.